Operation Phoenix R.I.S.E. – Restructuring Public Safety


Join the Town Hall Meeting to contribute to the “robust community engagement” that will inform the BPD assessment and analysis that moves us forward in the transformation that ensures that everyone is safe in Burlington.

Tuesday, April 27th @ 6:15 pm

Meeting ID: 821 7623 4011

What follows are excerpts from our post on June 12, 2020.

“Now is the time for the City of Burlington to lead the nation in transformation to a place where for once all people are afforded equal protection and an opportunity to prosper.  We at the Racial Justice Alliance implore you to transform this city for us and our posterity. We call upon you to RISE!”

Operation Phoenix Mission:

Transform the lives of black and brown people by investing in their lives, holding space for their culture, providing them opportunity and ensuring the equity they deserve to thrive.

The “R” in R.I.S.E is for Restructuring Public Safety

This is what we said last year:

“As we are committed to shifting our moral narrative to one that values the lives of all, we must ensure that everyone enjoys safety and protection under the law.  Our current system does not afford that.  It is for this reason that we call for an immediate restructuring of the entire public safety apparatus in the city of Burlington.”

  1. There must be immediate and sustained re-focussing on who, what and where we are policing.
  2. Our civilian oversight of law enforcement must also place a priority on the wellness of our peace officers.
  3. The department must undergo an immediate 30 percent reduction in uniformed officers (release offices that hurt and kill people).
  4. The department transition must be accomplished with maximum community engagement.
  5. The department must undergo a full operational and functional assessment.
  6. A complete realignment implementation must take place upon completion of assessment and analysis.
  7. City Council must grant the Police Commission the authority to oversee this transition.

We remain involved and committed to the work of restructuring public safety and the broader scope of operation Phoenix R.I.S.E.

We will provide a brief update the broader work of Operation Phoenix R.I.S.E on Thursday, 27 April, 2021 @ 6:00 pm.  

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