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The history of oppression in the United States against Black and Brown people is as ancient as the first African American landing in the United States. Black people’s struggle for economic independence and freedom from a systemically racist country is undeniable. It seems this white system has no interest in improving BIPOC’s well-being. (If you need support outside of this grant application please refer to our Rapid Response page.)


Community Engagement and Support is one of VRJA’s programs which provides statewide individual assistance and small business grants. We disrupt the status quo economic systems as we work to transform and create new ones. We advocate for, create, and manage programs to assist in personal empowerment and business creation. Additionally, we advocate for, create, and manage programs to assist personal and business development. We advocate and support land and home ownership.


The program should resonate with every BIPOC who thrives for financial independence. Knowing the economic struggle of BIPOC, the Alliance wants to build sustainability within this program to continue to help others in our community become economically empowered.VRJA knows that there is a major need for support in the BIPOC communities so we are providing this program. We will be issuing one grant per applicant annually.


Grant Amount

The Vermont Racial Justice Alliance will award existing and future BIPOC small business owners within the state of Vermont.

$500.00 – $3,000.0.

Criteria for eligibility

  • Must be a Vermont resident. (resided at least one year in VT)

  • Must be identified or self-Identified as BIPOC.

  • Complete Canvass business model. (attached)

  • Meet with the recipient twice a year as a follow up. (Just to cheer you on but not to spy on you)

  • Write a mini autobiography. (Include your talents and expertise.)

  • Must complete a Video conference (10-15 min). If the applicant does not have access to video communication, a phone conference may be applicable or an in-person meeting.

Your commitment to your community

  • As part of commitment to keep this program opportunity sustainable, the grantee must agree to donate 5% of the grant back into the mutual fund within a year of receiving the grant.

  • Commit to employ at least one another BIPOC person.

  • Volunteer 10 hours to the organization for on the job training of BIPOC.


VRJA values each applicant so we are working hard to review and carefully process each application. All applicants will be contacted via phone or email within 30 days of receiving your complete application.

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