Racial Justice Reform Bill Moves to the Governor’s Desk


May 2, 2017

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Racial Justice Reform Bill Moves to the Governor’s Desk

MONTPELIER, Vt. – This morning Justice For All announced that the Senate has passed H.308, the most comprehensive racial justice reform legislation in Vermont history. This clears a path to the Governors desk.

This legislation creates a panel to “continually review the data …collected to measure State progress toward a fair and impartial system of law enforcement; provide recommendations to the Criminal Justice Training Council and the Vermont Bar Association…, on data collection and model trainings and policies for law enforcement, judges, correctional officers, and attorneys, including prosecutors and public defenders, to recognize and address implicit bias; provide recommendations to the Criminal Justice Training Council,… on data collection and a model training and policy on deescalation and the use of force in the criminal and juvenile justice system” The panel will also have a role in “educating and engaging with communities, businesses, educational institutions, State and local governments, and the general public about the nature and scope of racial discrimination in the criminal and juvenile justice system.”

“Justice For All has been working with members from both legislative bodies to drive this legislation from the beginning of this session, we ask that the Governor sign this landmark racial justice bill.” Said Mark Hughes of Justice For All. Justice For All is the lead organization of the Racial Justice Reform Coalition a 32-member coalition that has led the campaign for racial justice reform in the Vermont criminal justice system and beyond. The Racial Justice Reform Coalition will remain active in monitoring H.308 implementation and undertaking other initiatives related to racial justice reform in Vermont. A press conference is expected in the Cedar Creek Room of the Statehouse on Friday, May 5th at 3:00 PM.


About Justice For All

Justice for All pursues racial justice within Vermont’s criminal justice system through advocacy, education, and relationship-building.

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