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The Vermont Racial Justice Alliance continues to do the work of addressing system racism through their legislative agenda: Do The Work

The sad truth is that Black residents of Vermont are experiencing real and traumatic levels of racism every day.  They experience overt and covert racism from white people in the community and law enforcement.  They are also subject to systemic racism in many areas of their lives.  What follows are a few of the many stories that some Black Vermonters have had the courage to tell.

Read them.  Believe them.


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Community members urge Middlebury school district to improve its response to racism (Sep. 2023)
After facing racism at a Middlebury middle school, a departing dean calls for stronger protections (Sep. 2023)
Ex-Bennington residents sue town over claims of racial discrimination, retaliation and doxxing (Jul. 2023)
At Peoples Academy, allegations of ‘systemic’ racist bullying (Jun. 2023)
After being accosted by protesters at a queer poetry reading, a Vermont artist fears for his safety (Jun. 2023)
[Green Mountain Unified School District] board hears of racial bias incidents; reinstates Chieftain name (Feb. 2023)
Allegations of Racism Scuttle Vermont Girls' Basketball Games (Jan. 2023)
Middlebury high girls' basketball players share how racist comments affect their team (Jan. 2023)
Student opens up about racial harassment at Brattleboro Area Middle School (Jan. 2022)
Nicole Pereira: And yet, here we are... (Feb. 2022)
Vermont Conversation: Is Vermont fertile ground for white extremists? (Aug. 2021)
White extremism is winning in my Vermont town. I'm selling my animal sanctuary and moving. (Aug. 2021)
Victim of racist road-rage incident in Winooski questions low-level charges (July 2021)
Black Comfort, Or Lack Thereof, In Vermont (VPR - Brave Little State: July 2021)
Panel: Troopers discriminated against Clemmons Family Farm director (June 2021)
Vermonter confronts racial harassment in short time as state resident (April 2021)
Black women persevere to lead in Vermont despite harassment (March 2021)
Xusana Davis on race, belonging and ‘Vermontiness’ (Deeper Dig Podcast - Feb. 2021)
Hartford Selectboard member resigns seat, citing experiences of ‘blatant bigotry’ (Jan. 2021)
The often untold story of growing up Black in the second-whitest state (Jan. 2021)
As women of color leave Rutland and Bennington counties, Vermonters reckon with racism (Jan. 2021)
Not Okay - Explores how one Vermont high school is grappling with whether to fly the Black Lives Matter flag and whether to remove a mascot some say bears a disturbing resemblance to a hooded Klansman. (Sounds Like Hate Podcast: Sept. 2020)
How the Kiah Morris case gripped Vermont, but hasn’t changed anything (March 2020)
Anti-racism in the auditorium (Deeper Dig Podcast - June 2019)
Vandal scrawls racist graffiti on Jasper Hill Farm structure (Sep. 2017)

Learn more about the community discussion on public safety. Details can be found here.

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