Testimony on Fair and Impartial Policing Policy, Act 54 and S.281 Opens

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Great News,

We have an exciting week coming up!

First Senate Government Operations will be taking testimony on the Fair and Impartial Policing Policy, Act 54 and S.281 on Wednesday, January 24th.  Testimony will be in the Ethan Allen Room at the Statehouse and will start right after the Senate returns from the floor.

Here is more on the Testimony Day  https://www.facebook.com/events/810182899153124/

Print this placard and bring it with you on the day of testimony

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

After the Floor – Ethan Allen Room          Fair and Impartial Policing Model Policy

  • Rick Gauthier, Director, VT Criminal Justice Training Council
  • Jay Diaz, Attorney, American Civil Liberties Union – Vermont
  • Will Lambek, Migrant Justice
  • Enrique Balcazar, Farm worker, Migrant Justice
  • Keith Clark, Sheriff, Windham County Sheriff’s Department

2:30          Act 54

An act relating to the Racial Disparities in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice System Advisory Panel

  • T.J. Donovan, Vermont Attorney General
  • Mark Hughes, Justice for All
  • Karen L. Richards, Executive Director, Vermont Human Rights Commission
  • David Scherr, Assistant Attorney General, Vermont Attorney General’s Office

3:30          S. 281 – An act relating to the Systemic Racism Mitigation Oversight and Equity Review Board


  • Brynn Hare, Legislative Counsel, Office of Legislative Council
  • Curtiss Reed, Executive Director, Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity
  • Diana Wahle, Community Equity Collaborative
  • Mark Hughes, Justice for All

Secondly, don’t forget to come out for Systemic Racism Awareness Legislative Day!  Here you learn more about the issue and how it impacts us in Vermont. We’ll also offer an overview of the S.281 and help you with some tools that will be helpful in discussing it.

Find out more and sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1582993471821380/

We will be have our regular Coalition Meeting at 1:00 PM in the Statehouse on Systemic Racism Awareness Day.

As aways here are some things that you can DO:

  • Offer testimony on on the 24th (personally or written)
  • Show up at the Legislative Day on the 25th
  • Communicate this call to action to your organizational network
  • Send note to Senate Government Operations Committee requesting that they vote the bill out of Committee  vermont-senate-government-operations@googlegroups.com
  • Call state house and ask them to pass a message to Senators, White, Balint and Ashe, asking them to pass the bill out of committee now. Here is the number:  828.2228




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