Change Vermont!

We call on the legislature to get to work on the passage and implementation of policy to address racism, both overt and systemic in Vermont. We ask that on day one, the assembly lead with the historic amendment to remove slavery from the constitution. We call on the assembly to support this amendment with a commission to study and provide recommendations surrounding slavery reparations. We ask that the legislature make the unprecedented commitment of fully funding the Human Rights Commission consistent with its grave responsibilities.

We implore the General Assembly to invest the political capital to pass ethnic and social studies policy to give our children a complete understanding of history and culture; racial profiling laws because profiling has no place in Vermont, and use force data collection, policy and training laws to keep all Vermonters safe.

Not unlike the ideals of “inalienable rights” held by this nation, those of Vermont have been largely aspirational. It is our hope that we experience a change in hearts and minds to make it a reality. Change Vermont!




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