“What Equity Looks Like” and Other Updates


Please join us at the upcoming “What You Are Doing About Equity in Burlington” session on Tuesday, August 13th.  We’re following up on the work that we did last month.  This session will give us an opportunity to return with updates, provide deeper analysis and expand upon some of the suggested actions.  This meeting is from 7:00 till 9:00 PM (First Congregational Church, 38 S. Winooski Ave., Burlington).  Here is a roll-up of many of the findings that were reported out last month. 

Before the Meeting
Meet up with the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance.  Here you’ll have a chance to join the Alliance and learn that legislative agenda.  This meeting is from 5:00 till 6:30 in the same location. 

Other Events happening this month:
Film Viewing – Against All Odds – 8/11
First African Landing Vermont – 8/24
Game On – 8/25
Racial Justice Alliance POC Steering Committee Meeting – 8/28

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