Help Push For #OperationPhoenix R.I.S.E. Demands To Be Met In City Council’s Racial Justice Resolution

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Resolution and Budget Addressing Operation Phoenix R.I.S.E.

The Burlington City Council will introduce a Racial Justice Resolution this evening (Monday, June 29)).  This resolution, combined with the Mayor’s budget, provides a significant step in the right direction in addressing the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance’s demands outlined in Operation Phoenix R.I.S.E.

Operation Phoenix Mission:  Transform the lives of black and brown people by investing in their lives, holding space for their culture, providing them opportunity and ensuring the equity they deserve to thrive.


Restructuring Public Safety
Implementing Cultural Empowerment
Securing Equal Opportunity
Expand Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

What does this mean?
We’re not there yet. The City Council must still deliberate and vote upon these resolutions.  Although the Racial Justice Resolution has six sponsors, any number of amendments could be proposed and the final outcome is still less than certain.

What should you do?

  1. Send a note to the Councilors:
    • Thanking the resolution sponsors (Councilors Hightower, Hanson, Stromberg, Tracy, Freeman and Pine)
    • Supporting and encouraging those considering sponsoring and/or supporting the resolution (Councilors Paul, Paulino and Carpenter)
    • Asking the others to consider supporting the resolution (Counselors Dieng, Mason and Shannon)
  2. Sign up for the Speak-out during the public comments section of the City Council Meeting
    • People of color, sign up to speak
    • White allies, participate by showing up in solidarity


  • We call upon the Mayor and or the City Council to declare racism a citywide health crisis.
  • We further call upon the City Council to resolve that a “task force” be established to consider an apology and a proposal for reparations for the role that Burlington has played in Chattel Slavery.
  • We call on Burlington to make a moral statement by prioritizing the eradication of systemic racism in the creation of the budget
  • We call on the City of Burlington to Join the Racial Justice Alliance in the implementation of Operation Phoenix R.I.S.E.

“Do not pass a budget until these demands are met”


To sign up: Email
Subject: Make Public Comment at City Council Meeting 6/29 @7:30 in Support of the Racial Justice Alliance Demands

Body: I would like to make a public comment at the City Council meeting Monday 6/29

BCC: Please BCC in your email so we can get a count and have your email to keep you updated. Thanks!

Zoom Link:
**Make sure to sign in with the same name Zoom account that you signed up**

Read more on #OperationPhoenix here.


Another immediate action that you can take is to financially support the work that we are doing.  Thanks for the support.

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