VRJA Legislative Priorities

In short, the murder of George Floyd, the shooting of Jacob Blake and thousands of others are a symptom of a much larger problem.  Systemic racism.  Reach out to the legislature with us on these very important policies now!

These are the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance Legislative Priorities

About Taxation and Regulation of Cannabis (marijuana)

S.54, the Cannabis taxation and regulation bill is coming out of Conference Committee any day now. The outcome is so disappointing that it approaches insulting.  Here are the problems:

  • Despite reports from the Marijuana Commission on Taxation and Regulation, Road Safety and Education, No research was conducted on the Historical adverse impact of Marijuana on African Americans or the impact of systemic racism on the cannabis industry. 
  • Neither the House or Senate added substantial language to address this massive disregard of what we know is catastrophic. 
  • The Conference Committee has ignored all requests to provide adequate reparative and racial equity language.
  • The fact that the bill calls for the Cannabis Control Board (yet to be created) to provide recommendations to the legislature to address reparative and racial equity language indicates that they have not done their homework 

Ask the legislature and the governor NOT to advance S.54 this year and charge the Marijuana Commission to provide the analysis to enable a data-driven approach to addressing the reparative and racial equity aspects of taxation and regulation of cannabis.  It is reprehensible that despite a double pandemic that is exacerbating the impact of systemic racism on black and brown bodies that this policy is being moved forward at this time.  It is shameful that this is a matter that we should be required to fight with so much more that threatens African American lives at this time.


Other Legislative Priorities

  • Providing COVID-19 targeted relief for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) in Vermont 
  • Enabling economic development and empowerment for BIPOC in Vermont, such as adult education and job training, empowerment and support for BIPOC owned businesses, etc.
  • Funding a statewide database to track racial disparities to inform transformative data-driven solutions
  • Passing transformative racial justice bills already in consideration (Staffing Racial Equity Office: Bill (H.937) & Reparations: Bill (H.478)
  • Tackling Criminal Justice reform, providing effective & transparent Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement and pass bills already in consideration
  • Update Population Quality of Life Outcomes to include a “People of Color” 3 VSA 2311
  • Embracing the ACLU 10 point plan outlined by the ACLU, and endorsed by Justice for All, among others. Find more information about that plan here.

Ask the legislative leadership, Government Operations Committees and the Senate Chair of Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs to advance the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance priorities.  

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