First Friday At St.Mark’s Church.

First Friday! We met up with a handful of youth at St. Mark’s Catholic Church for some education and fun! The Vermont Racial Justice Alliance (VRJA) is currently in the middle of a campaign to Abolish Slavery in Vermont’s state Constitution. The Abolish Slavery VT Campaign welcomes folks of all ages including youth. With outreach and education being one of the many initiatives that VRJA is involved in, We believe that it’s extremely important for youth to gain awareness of this topic. The exception clauses in the Vermont Constitution impacts their lives too. In this stage of the campaign we not only want to spread the word but collect as many volunteers as possible. The future belongs to the youth of today and they can shape it now.

During the event pledge cards were filled our followed by some fun activities such as bowling. pong, football and more. This church was packet with just about everything. There was a mix of youth and adults from different ethnicities. Everyone was connecting and having a really good time. This was definitely something we all needed at the end of the week. Pizza and wings came along with soda and ended the night. If you missed out on this month’s first Friday festivities don’t worry! We have this event every first Friday of the month. Continue to check out our calendar of Facebook posts for more information on these events and others.

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