Richard Kemp Center Announces Revitaliztion Campaign

Youth night at the Richard Kemp Center

For Immediate Release:
May 10, 2023

Isaac Owusu

Richard Kemp Center Announces Revitalization Crowdfunding Campaign 

Burlington, VT – May 10, 2023 – Richard Kemp Center announced that they will lead a crowdfunding campaign, sponsored by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development’s Better Places program.

“Systemic racism means wealth disparities and cultural disempowerment among Black folks. As a result, disparities exist in education, employment, health services, and justice systems. These disparities along with cultural erasure and appropriation directly impact the health and wellness of Black individuals and communities. This threatens the economic development and social health and wellness of everyone. It threatens our democracy!  Investing in the Black community provides a win for all”  Christine Hughes, Director of the Richard Kemp Center.

When the campaign reaches its $10,300 goal by July 3, 2023 the “Richard Kemp Center Revitalization” will receive a matching grant of $20,600 from DHCD’s Better Places program.

Click HERE for project details and to DONATE.  

The funds raised will serve to mitigate disparities by providing basic skills, increased access to opportunities, and a safe space. The funding from this campaign will enhance and offer increased functionality to the Richard Kemp Center space.  Some of the benefits realized will include:

  • Access to technology and Computer skills

  • Educational and cultural resources

  • Fun and entertainment

Expanding the Richard Kemp Center to provide technology and resources will ensure that all programming and services from the center are fully accessible and increase the effectiveness of the center exponentially!

Residents, businesses, and neighbors are encouraged to get involved and support the Richard Kemp Center Revitalization Campaign.  Learn more and donate here.

“By supporting this program people are taking deliberate actions toward racial equity in the region so every Vermonter can thrive and prosper,” said Department of Housing and Community Development Commissioner Josh Hanford. “We are thankful to the community leaders who have helped lead and guide this work, and now we’re asking for support from our entire community to ensure its success.”

Introduced by the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance, the Richard Kemp Center centers the needs of the Black community in rectifying racial inequity by serving as a cultural broker in the expanding historically ineffective, inefficient and nonexistent programs and services to marginalized communities.  The Richard Kemp Center is creating new systems that empower Black Vermonters denied equal access to public or private economic and other opportunities.  The Richard Kemp Center serves as a “legacy-maker” at the intersection of the Black Community’s wellness, culture and youth.  


About the Richard Kemp Center:

The Richard Kemp Center expands programs and services that support Black Vermonters’ wellness, preserve their culture, support their youth and advance racial equity and justice. 

About the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance:

The mission of the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance is to secure sustainable power, ensure agency and provide security for American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS), while embracing their history and preserving their culture. 



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