Media alert: A “Moral Budget” for Racial Justice in Burlington


June 15, 2020

Skyler Nash,, (312) 806-0534

PRESS CONFERENCE: Vermont Racial Justice Alliance Urges Mayor Weinberger to Implement a “Moral Budget” for Racial Justice in Burlington

WHATThe Vermont Racial Justice Alliance demands that Mayor Miro Weinberger implement a moral budget that reflects the Alliance’s demands on behalf of people of color in Vermont, including declaring racism a citywide health crisis and reducing the police force. Here, the Alliance explains how the Mayor has so far disappointed in making these commitments.

“We entered discussions with the Mayor in good faith and a willingness to negotiate a reasonable resolution. If he is unwilling to act in earnest, we will ask that City Council reject his budget proposal,” says Mark Hughes, Coordinator of the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance.

WHEN: Today, June 15

TIME: 2:30pm


Streaming on Racial Justice Alliance Facebook Page:  

BACKGROUND: #OperationPhoenix is a program from the Racial Justice Alliance aimed at transforming the lives of Black and brown people in Vermont by investing in their lives, holding space for their culture, providing them with opportunity, and ensuring the equity they deserve to thrive. 

The demands can be summed up by R.I.S.E: Restructuring Public Safety, Implementing Cultural Empowerment, Securing Equal Opportunity, Expanding Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Read about #OperationPhoenix here.

About the Racial Justice Alliance
RJA’s mission is to advocate for the implementation of State and local policy with our collective strength, voice and leadership  The Racial Justice Alliance is a policy and outreach arm of Justice For All.

About Justice For All
JFA’s mission is to dismantle systemic racism, eliminate poverty and ensure racial equity through advocacy, education, and relationship-building.

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