This is our moment.  This is our time to R.I.S.E.


On behalf of the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance, I want to personally thank everyone who has spent countless hours organizing, strategizing and spending tireless hours on phones in support of a vision that we call #OperationPhoenix!

At the heart of this work, as always, with the Racial Justice Alliance is the eradication of systemic racism. R.I.S.E. shows us that we can do better when we first eliminate forms of oppression and reallocate resources desired to change lives.  With resources we can empower our communities, provide opportunity and provide equity needed to do far more than survive: thrive.

Restructuring Public Safety
Implementing Cultural Empowerment
Securing Equal Opportunity
Expanding Racial Equity, Belonging and Inclusion

We at the Racial Justice Alliance already see this vision as reality and it excites us to no end to share it with you. Day after day and into the early hours of the mornings we listen to you all speak truth to power with passion and fire.  We have witnessed so many people from across the greater Burlington area and beyond, young and old, old-school activists and folks who have picked up the phone for the first time, Black and white and from every possible background, all saying one thing: WE AGREE WITH THE DEMANDS OF THE RACIAL JUSTICE ALLIANCE and we are here for justice!

This movement brings me hope and great joy to the point of tears as we stand at this unprecedented place in time.  This is our moment.  This is our time.  We were created for a time such as this and there is no doubt in my mind that as a result of work, all of our lives will be changed forever.   As we move forward in this vision, let’s do so arm in arm.  Together we are making history.  Embrace this moment and move forward with us with full commitment to R.I.S.E.

Mark Hughes
Vermont Racial Justice Alliance

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