Join us to Protect the Results of the 2020 Election

Today, we vote. At the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance we’re voting for a future where BIPOC lives are valued and empowered.

Everyone counts. Every vote counts. And every vote must be counted. These are values we all hold, and they are not negotiable.

That’s why we’ve joined a coalition of other Vermont organizations to Protect the Results, a movement to defend our democracy in the wake of this tumultuous election. Learn more here:

Should victory be declared before all the votes are counted or actions taken to intimidate or prevent the legitimate counting of votes, Vermonters will be ready to mobilize. 

Join us on Saturday, November 7 at noon for a Rally to Protect the Results in Montpelier. Mark Hughes, coordinator of the Racial Justice Alliance, will be among the speakers. Please sign up here if you plan to attend.

In these uncertain times, it’s hard to know what might come after election day. We need to be prepared to join together in huge numbers all across the nation to demand every vote is counted and the results of the election accepted.

We are proud to be in coalition Rights and Democracy VT, VPIRG, The Battery Park Movement, The Black Perspective, and many others who are dedicated to protecting the results of the 2020 election.

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